Healthy Nightlife, LLC assists event producers, event medical services, and other nightlife industry members in building a strategy for health promotion and education that promotes and protects their brand.

Missi Wooldridge, MPH, Founder / CEO



Missi Wooldridge earned her B.S. in Community Health with a concentration in Sexual Health from the State University of New York at Potsdam and her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Social Behavioral Sciences and Community Health from the State University of New York at Albany’s School of Public Health. Prior to starting Healthy Nightlife, LLC, she served as executive director of DanceSafe, a non-profit organization promoting health and safety in the nightlife and electronic music community. Her journey with DanceSafe started as the director of the Denver chapter and as a board member for the national organization.

She has been featured in The New York TimesBillboard MagazineRolling Stone MagazineViceThe Boston GlobeWashington PostCosmopolitan, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, among many others – with appearances on talk radio shows across the country and television shows including Katie Couric Show and Al Jazeera: Tech Know. She’s organized and been featured on many conference panels at conferences such as International Club Health Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use, and Health-Related IssuesInternational Music Festival ConferenceInternational Drug Policy Reform ConferenceNational Harm Reduction Coalition ConferenceStudents for Sensible Drug Policy Conference [U.S. & Canada]. She’s also managed outreach services and organized harm reduction and peer eduction teams at 100+ electronic music events including TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland, Electric Forest Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Detroit Electronic Music Festival / Movement, Lightning in a Bottle, Backwoods Music Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, and the list goes on.

Her skills and expertise are in program development, implementation, and evaluation; public affairs and public speaking; community organizing and strategic partnerships; peer-based education; nightlife harm reduction; and drug use as a public health concern. She was invited to participate in and completed New York State Department of Health’s Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow (PHLOT) Core, yearlong leadership training program in 2009- 2011 and also earned her leadership certificate for nonprofit chief executives in 2016. She’s served on commissions, coalitions, and other professional workgroups including  Denver Drug Strategy Commission, Los Angeles County Electronic Music Task Force Education and Best Practice & and Electronic Music Community Subcommittees, Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse & Mass Gathering Medical: Stakeholder Workgroup, Preventing Alcohol- and Drug-Related Harms at Music Festivals, NEXT LEVEL, Nightlife Empowerment Well-Being Implementation Network, Nightlife Harm Reduction of the Americas, among others.

Curriculum Vitae:


Aspire Business School Barcelona, Udemy

Certificate Program in Corporate Social Responsibility

University at Albany
Albany, NY         2009 – 2011

Master of Public Health
Concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Community Health
GPA: 3.50

State University of New York at Potsdam
Potsdam, NY         2004 – 2008

Bachelor of Science in Community Health
Concentration in Sexual Health
GPA: overall: 3.22; major: 3.70


February 2020 – Present
Marketing & Community Engagement Specialist

  • Partner with teams interdepartmentally to identify new mission- and corporate identity-aligned opportunities for the Akerna house of brands to support and partner with its customers, key stakeholders, and the general public with a focus on social responsibility and giving back to the community
  • Serve as the “face” of and point of contact for social responsibility and nonprofit relations to both the internal Akerna team and external customers
  • Assist in fostering a culture of social responsibility
    Research and create a recommendations report for the development of a Social Responsibility Program that meets the greatest need within the cannabis and technology spaces and fosters awareness and understanding of Akerna’s core values and house of brands
  • Serve as chair of Akerna’s Culture Council
  • Develop and implement ABM gift campaign strategy and manage ABM gifting budget and funding source
  • Drive engagement strategy to increase ROI
  • Work with sales and product teams to identify growth markets, and strategically target high MRR clients to continually activate on new opportunities, including strategic meetings, advisory board committee events, and client engagement.
  • Manage all event operations and logistics, in person and virtual
  • Develop and execute live and on-demand webinar series’ across brands
  • Manage all event vendor and partner relationships and execute cross-promotional opportunities
  • Collaborate and partner with local and national associations and networking groups to integrate the regional sales team into identified markets
  • Write content for emails, advertisements, blogs, landing pages, and socials
    Manage speaking engagements, and help prepare speakers with abstracts, event briefs, and presentation decks

Denver, CO         2009 – 2016
Executive Director (2011 – 2016)
Chapter Director & Volunteer (2009 – 2011)

  • Under minimal supervision, provide leadership and management for the national organization
  • Engage with board of directors, staff, and volunteers to engage in strategic planning and provide strategic direction for the organization
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate health and drug education programs and campaigns
  • Research, collect data, and conduct needs assessment
  • Outreach to, and communication with, local and national partnerships and alliances
  • Collaborate with partners and coalitions to achieve health promotion plans
  • Build new strategic partnerships
  • Supervise, mentor, and train staff and interns
  • Legislative advocacy and public health policy analysis
  • Community organizing and development
  • Organize, supervise, and participate in community outreach among drug users
  • Engage in ongoing event planning and coordination
  • Develop and supervise project management and its systems
  • Implement fundraising initiatives and grant writing
  • Manage communications and marketing
  • Manage human resources and payroll
  • Prepare and disseminate reports and presentations
  • Represent DanceSafe at professional meetings and conferences, domestically and internationally

New York State Dept. of Health
Albany, NY          2009 – 2011
Office of Program Evaluation and Research, AIDS Institute & Office of Minority Health
MPH Practicum

  • Independently, conduct research on sexual health risk using the Mind Map Prepare reports and data findings for agency staff and state and federal constituents
  • Promote the goals, benchmarks, and strategies of USDHHS’s National Partnership for Action to Eliminate Health Disparities
  • Develop, facilitate, and evaluate the state-wide webinar series
  • Collect and disseminate data to agency staff and USDHHS

St. Lawrence County Minority Health Project
Potsdam, NY         2010 – 2011
Project Manager

  • Manage team and benchmarks for the project
  • Administer surveys on perceptions of racism, health status, and cultural competency and sensitivity of health care providers in the rural county
  • Conduct literature review of valid and reliable tools for assessing cultural competency
  • Collaborate on and prepare grant proposals and manuscripts

Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow                             Albany, NY          2009 – 2011
Leadership Trainee

  • Based on academic achievement and potential for leadership in the field of public health, New York State invites 12 Master’s level students to participate in a yearlong development program
  • Practice-based experience with local and state health departments
  • Leadership, research, public health policy development, communication, and team-building training sessions
  • Legislative advocacy for continued state funding
  • Participation in yearlong community service project with a community health-based organization
  • Mentorship from recognized leaders in the field of public health

University at Albany
Albany, NY         2009 – 2010

School of Public Health
Graduate Assistant

University at Buffalo                                                         Buffalo, NY         2008

Wellness Education Services
Wellness Intern

State University of New York at Potsdam                     Potsdam, NY        2007 – 2008

Student Success Center

State University of New York at Potsdam                   Potsdam, NY         2007 – 2008

Community Health Department
Teaching Assistant
Research Assistant
Student Assistant


2016       AppointmentState University of New York at Potsdam Institutional Review Board

2015       AppointmentLos Angeles County Electronic Music Task Force
Education and Best Practices Subcommittee
Electronic Music Community Subcommittee

2015       AppointmentAmericas Nightlife Network

2014       Appointment Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse & Mass Gathering Medical: Stakeholder Workgroup, Preventing Alcohol- and Drug-Related Harms at Music Festivals

2014       Founder and Member Move Our Peeps

2013       AppointmentDenver Drug Strategy Commission
Chair, Harm Reduction Subcommittee

2013       AppointmentNEXT LEVEL

2007       Founder and MemberState University of New York at Potsdam Health and Fitness Advocates (HAFA)


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2016       Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Chief Executives, BoardSource

2013       The Dr. Andrew Weil Award for Achievement in the Field of Drug Education, International Drug Policy Reform Conference – Accepted on behalf of DanceSafe

2008       Presidential Scholar, State University of New York at Potsdam

2008       The Santaferra/Community Health Internship Scholarship, Community Health Department, State University of New York at Potsdam

2008       Outstanding Community Health Major Award, Community Health Department, State University of New York at Potsdam

2007       Make A Difference Award, Community Health Department, State University of New York at Potsdam

2007       Eta Sigma Gamma: National Health Education Honorary


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Missi is a leader, community organizer, and a visionary with the expertise your company needs to expand its health promotion and drug education efforts.